Quantum many-body physics and quantum simulation with ultracold atoms


Welcome to the Artificial Quantum Systems laboratory! -- ArQuS lab

We are a new experimental group at the University of Trieste, in close collaboration with the Institute of Optics of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-INO). Our activity focuses on cooling, trapping and controlling two-electron atoms with high-precision optical and spectroscopic techniques, achieving resolution down to the single atom, and exploring the role of strong interactions between them. With such systems we aim at pursuing different research directions in quantum science and technologies, from fundamental  few- and many-body physics to quantum-enhanced metrology and atomtronics. 

Some of the most puzzling questions in modern physics concern the behavior of many interacting quantum particles. Our research focuses on studying phenomena emerging from the correlated quantum behaviour of many particles using highly controllable artificial quantum matter at ultracold temperatures. We aim at improving our understanding of quantum phases in strongly correlated systems, especially out of the equilibrium where numerical calculations are extremely challenging even with the most advanced computation techniques.


Head of Research Group
Francesco Scazza - francesco.scazza@units.it


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