Joint Teachers-Students Committee

See : Quality Assurance (ITA) 


Group for Quality Assurance in the Department of Physics

See Quality Assurance (ITA)  


Research Committee

See Quality Assurance (ITA)


Planning Committee

Members: A. Bassi, S.Borgani, P. Camerini (Direttore Vicario), G. Comelli (Direttore), R. Longo, E. Milotti, F.Parmigiani, G.Senatore

Mandate : Identifying the Department's planning criteria with regard to its research and teaching activities. Collecting and updating information regarding the actual state of the research and teaching, to use as a tool for making future choices regarding course programmming. Formulating proposals to make to the Department Council.


Outreach Committee

Members : M. Peressi, E.Vesselli, F. Longo

Mandate:  The Committee promotes the diffusion and the knowledge of the scientific culture, inspiring students to take an interest in science, encouraging young people to engage in the study of physics, through initiatives that offer the opportunity to live a direct experience of what it means “to do science".


Seminars Committee

Members: E.Gozzi, G.Cantatore, M.Fulle (INAF,, F.Cossutti (INFN,

Mandate: In collaboration with our partner institutions, drawing up the yearly programme of seminar activities, which will include information about the cycles of specialist seminars offered by the various institutions, and a common programme of  a limited number of highly significant "colloquia", accessible also to non-specialists and preferably held by eminent speakers. Publicizing the activities, providing an estimate of the resources necessary, and interfacing with the administration to ensure the events are well-organized. Collaborating on publicizing the seminars organized by the other institutions.


Teaching Laboratories Committee

Members: A. Bressan

Mandate: Drawing up the estimates for the yearly spending programmes on instruments and information technology, using the funds for teaching services provided by the Department. Overall coordination of refurbishing and/or modernisation of teaching laboratories, in collaboration with the Tecnical Services.


Computing Committee

Members: P.Monaco, E.Milotti G.Pastore

Mandate: Coordinating the use of IT services and computing resources by members of the Department, in collaboration with the Department's technicians and with our partner institutions. Formulating proposals as regards external contracts with IT service-providers and estimating the corresponding financial commitments. 


Library Committee 

Members: G.Cantatore

Mandate: In collaboration with Roberto Sturman, our librarian, carrying out a yearly review of the subscriptions to journals funded by the University Library System, the Department, and the INFN, and of the contacts and agreements with other institutions. Monitoring the frequency of on-line access to the journals. Providing advice about priorities in the acquisition of bibliographical material.


Safety Committee

Members: P.Ciliberti, A.Richetti (one for each site)

Mandate: Sharing the responsibilities with the Director as regards safety in the workplace. Preparing the documents regaridng safety and updating the list of "safety representatives" (the people responsible for the single laboratories). Organizing meetings for representatives and facility-users. Representing the Department in interactions with local authorities and partner institutions which share our sites (INAF, INFN, and ICTP).


Department's infrastructure committee

Members: A. Baraldi, G. Fabian, F. Loi

Mandate: Proposing and, if it is possible, realizing small improvements to the infrastructure of the department, so as to improve its decorum and liveability.


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