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The Physics Department encompasses the research and education activities of University of Trieste in the domain of physics and specifically in the areas of Theoretical Physics, Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, Astroparticles and Gravitational Waves, Astrophysics and Astronomy, Applied Physics. These research activities are strengthened by the participation in a tight collaboration network of national and international major research organizations, which results in an extremely remarkable scientific productivity.
This is clearly witnessed by the success of the Physics Department, in recent years, in attracting scientific projects through external funding granted on peer-review based open competition mechanism. Besides several other projects, funded at the national level (including grants related to the "Rita Levi Montalcini" Programme dedicated to young researchers) as well as at the international/European one, particularly noteworthy are the ERC grants presently hosted at the Physics Department.

Herebelow, we provide a list of research projects managed by the Physics Department and of the network of scientific collaborations that demonstrates care of the international dimension as well as, in terms of ties with the local territory, of the national one. Furthermore, the Physics Department is involved in several projects and activities managed by the institutions it collaborates with: these undertakings are described in the pages of the relevant research groups. It should be noted that this scientific vibrancy represents a benefit also for the students, who are exposed already at an early stage of their education path to a stimulating enviroment that proves ideal in terms of career chances offer.
Project titleScientific coordinatorProject duration (months)Funding source
Noisy quantum algorithms in the MBQC frameworkAngelo Bassi12LEONARDO SPA
Conformal Gauge Theories in Three DimensionsLorenzo Di Pietro36MIUR - Montalcini
The origin of lithium: a key element in astronomyMaria Francesca Matteucci24INAF
SUN - The Quiet Sun in Gamma RaysElena Orlando34ASI
LSPE - Large Scale Polarization ExplorerAnna Gregorio12ASI

ALICE experiment – Development and characterization of innovative silicon detectors: from curved geometry monolithic pixels to ultra-fast detectors for time resolved measurements

Giacomo Contin12INFN

COMPASS experiment – Measurements of transverse spin effects in DIS on polarized deuterium

Anna Martin12INFN

Experimental research for the development of new growth protocols of heterostructures composed of two-dimensional materials, specifically: graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dicalcogenides


Management, use and R&D of the leading edge detector of the ALICE experiment at CERN Large Hadron Collider Laboratories

TOMAS - Development of Tomo-Mammography at the SynchrotronLuigi Rigon12BENEFICENTIA STIFTUNG
Tuning reactivity of graphene-covered metal surfaces: chemisty above and under coverMaria Peressi36MAECI
Consciousness and wave function collapseAngelo Bassi24SILICON VALLEY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION

LAT-FERMI – LAT data exploitation activity at the Fermi observatory

Francesco Longo91ASI 
QuCoM - Quantum Control of Gravity with Levitated MechanicsAngelo Bassi36UE - Horizon 2020
UNICOSMOS - Unravelling the intertwined correlated states of matter in moiré superlatticesFederico Becca24UE - MSCA
EXC-INS - Excitonic insulator in two-dimensional long-range interacting systemsDaniele Fausti42MIUR - PRIN
FERMAT - Fast ElectRon dynamics in novel hybrid organic-2D MATerialsAlberto Morgante42MIUR - PRIN
TEQ - Testing the Large-Scale limit of Quantum MechanicsAngelo Bassi54UE - Horizon 2020
OrbiDynaMIQs -Two-orbital uantum many-body systems: kondo dynamics and mediated interactionsFrancesco Scazza60UE - ERC
INCEPT - INhomogenieties and fluctuations in quantum CohErent matter Phases by ultrafast optical Tomography Daniele Fausti78UE - ERC
ClustersXCosmo - Fundamental physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics: Galaxy Clusters at the Cross-roads Alexandro Saro72UE - ERC
S-BaXIT - Scattering-Based X-ray Imaging and Tomography Pierre Thibault60UE - ERC

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