About the Department


As part of the University's mission, the Department of Physics (DF) develops frontier research activities and both basic and advanced teaching in the field of physical disciplines.

The Department coordinates the research activity of its members, stimulating planning in the context of national and international collaborations that ensure cutting-edge research with maximum return for the territory, the nation and society in general.

The Department takes care of the teaching of physics courses for bachelor's, master's and research doctorates, whether managed on its own or in service or in collaboration with other departments, ensuring high levels of teaching quality and innovation with reference to the best international standards.

The maintenance of these standards both with regard to scientific and teaching activities is stimulated and aided by the inclusion of physics teachers in a territorial scientific and technological environment closely linked to the most advanced planning in the field of both experimental and theoretical physics, as well as in related supporting technologies, internationally.



The Physics Department embraces the vision of UniTS - “REALIZE THE FUTURE OF KNOWLEDGE”.

The DF is a community of students, teachers, researchers and technical and administrative staff united by the passion and interest in scientific knowledge, which actively works, each in their own field, to advance research and technology in the field of physical sciences, and which recognizes basic and applied research as a unique tool for the progress of a modern society.

It aims to train students in disciplines related to physics, providing them with a solid method that allows them to deal with fundamental scientific questions, and consequently to set up and solve complex problems not only in the physical field in a creative and independent way. It wants to contribute to the advancement of research in the field, collaborating with structures and activities at an international level to address the main problems that physics currently poses as challenges.

DF intends to promote the growth of society both by actively working to spread a correct scientific vision on the main issues of general interest, and by exploring all the possibilities of applying the research results, methodologies and technologies developed to propose concrete solutions to specific problems.


(Piano Strategico 2023-26 - ITA)


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