Experimental Condensed-Matter Physics

Research Area: 

The research activity is focussed on the synthesis and characterization of new materials, including low-dimensional systems (quantum wells, nanowires, thin films, quasi-two dimensional metals, organic-inorganic interfaces, nano-catalysts, surface alloys), strongly correlated materials (superconductors, Mott insulators) and carbon-based materials (graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes). Characterization techniques include scanning tunneling microscopy, x-ray and electron diffraction and various spectroscopy techniques, in particular using synchrotron and free-electron laser radiation. The experimental research groups actively participates in experiments at the Elettra and Fermi beamlines and in the management of a large number of laboratories of the IOM-CNR and Elettra Laboratory, making a constant efforts towards a better understanding of the properties of these materials. The final aim is to bridge the gap between basic and applied research in material’s science.

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