Safety in the Physics Department

Contact people for the Department of Physics:
ing. Andrea Cernigoi (040558-3372 – - Bld F, room 112-214)


In case of emergency:


via cell phone: 0405582222


Please, indicate the following details during the call:
Building F, Department of Physics, via Alfonso Valerio 2, your identity, a phone number to call you back in case it’ll be necessary

The operators tuned in will proceed to alert emergency services, emergency teams, and security personnel.

Direct calls to emergency services should be limited to cases requiring urgent telephone assistance, specifically when there is an immediate life-threatening situation for the injured person (cardiac arrest, choking, poisoning, etc…).


Department safety system

The system is based on Education, People, Buildings, and Documents.



Online courses

Students, teachers, administrative and technical staff: follow the courses provided by the University for your role and keep the course completion certificate. If you have taken it some time ago, follow the updates page.



Fire safety and first response personnel

Within the Department, some volunteers have undertaken training courses to assist you in case of emergencies: they are the designated personnel. You can find the updated list at the reception, which is also posted on every floor. Help them, if you feel capable, by making yourself available when needed. Do you want to participate? If you have a structured role at the University, come visit us.


Prevention and Protection Service (PPS)

The department personnel collaborate with the University's Prevention and Protection Service in assessing risks, drafting emergency plans, and managing emergencies. Do you have a new idea or activity that might not yet be included in the plan? Come visit us.



Evacuation Drills

Participate seriously in evacuation drills and, if you feel inclined, volunteer to actively take part. It's a valuable opportunity to identify potential improvements to the current system. Especially during your initial visits to the Department, take a minute to watch carefully floor blueprints with identified escape routes.



Access to educational laboratories is granted to those who have completed at least the online courses for medium risk, concerning your curriculum. Please ask your teacher for further guidance.


University Rules

Covid-19 Emergency

In this section, you’ll find all the updates and rules from University Authorities for the Covid-19 emergency and related details from PPS:


University Regulations


Useful Links

Courses provided by the University

Courses to access educational laboratories



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