University of Trieste - Building F
: via A. Valerio n. 2 34127 Trieste


Via Valerio, 2 - 34127 TRIESTE


Tel: +39-040-558-3353 / 3355 / 3399 / 2960 / 3371


Academic Office
Via Valerio, 2 - 34127 TRIESTE

Ph: +39-040-558-3378


Miramare site (Theoretical Physics)
Strada Costiera, 11- 34151 TRIESTE


Via Tiepolo site (Astronomy)
Via Tiepolo, 11 - 34131 TRIESTE


Physics Department web pages on the University website:


How to get to us

Trieste is located in the north-eastern part of Italy, near the border with Slovenia. The zoomable map shows the locations of the three sites of the Physics Department; below the map is some information about how to get to us by car, train or plane.


Sites of the Department of Physics

Via A.Valerio, 2 - 34127 Trieste (Headquarters)
Via G.Tiepolo, 12 - 34143 Trieste (Astronomy)
Strada Costiera, 11 - 34151 Trieste (Theoretical Physics)‎


Getting there by car

Trieste is connected by motorway to Venice (A4), Udine and Austria (A4/A23), and Ljubljana and Slovenia (E61/E70). Detailed driving directions can be obtained from


Coming by train

Train timetables and tickets can be obtained at the Trenitalia website: Once at Trieste central railway station, take one of the buses 17/, 51 or 51/ to the Via Valerio site, bus 6 to the Miramare site, or bus 24 to the Via Tiepolo site. Timetables and other information about the Trieste public transport system are available at the website.


Arrival by plane

The three closest airports are:


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