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Studio: PhD e Post-doc


6 PhD projects are available at the Institute of Materials - National Research Council - Trieste 

Six PhD projects are available at the Institute of Materials (IOM) of the National research Council, starting from November 2020. The fellowships are awarded by the University of Trieste and by the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), and are part of the PhD programs in Nanotechnology and Condensed-Matter Physics, respectively.
The research projects will be performed in the CNR-IOM laboratories in close collaboration with the local partners of the Trieste Scientific network, specifically with the University of Trieste, SISSA, the Elettra Synchrotron, The International Center for Theoretical Physics and AREA Science Park. Full information can be found at the website: https://www.iom.cnr.it/phd2020.
A short overview of the projects will be presented by the supervisors on Friday May 29th at 15.30 during a broadcast in live streaming. Interested candidates are invited to follow the presentation by connecting to the address: https://live.cnr.it/liveIom.html (a chrome/firefox browser is recommended)

The deadline for submission to the fellowships of the University of Trieste is June 16th - to apply visit http://www2.units.it/dott/en/?file=DottBandi.inc



Trinity College Dublin - PhD and Postdoc positions open in machine-learning methods for materials science

PhD positions
Postdoc position


PhD Position Twente: continuous sensing and flow with bubbles

For more information contact dr. David Fernandez Rivas (email: d.fernandezrivas@utwente.n; phone +31534893531.
Deadline for applying: 31 May 2019.


University of Cologne - Open PhD positions in Optical Condensed Matter Physics
More information


 ESTECO SpA - Borsa di formazione

ESTECO SpA società leader nello sviluppo di software industriale nell'ambito CAE (sperimentazione virtuale applicata all'ingegneria), ricerca Laureati – Dottori di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica, in Matematica o in Fisica da inserire nel Gruppo di Ricerca con mansioni nell'ambito della ricerca e sviluppo, per lo studio e l'implementazione di applicazioni web. La sede di lavoro sarà presso il campus di AREA Science Park di Trieste. Maggiori informazioni al link  http://jobs.esteco.com/o/laureati--dottori-di-ricerca-in-ingegneria-informatica-in-matematica-o-in-fisica


PhD position VU University Amsterdam

Contact for application and more details: Prof. Wim Ubachs (w.m.g.ubachs@vu.nl).


Euclid postdoc at ICE

Job add for postdoc to work on Euclid cosmological simulations at ICE, Barcelona: http://www.euclid-ec.org/?page_id=1080


PhD positions in Berlin - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Please have a look to http://www.masse-spektrum-symmetrie.de/application



Studio: Fellowship e premi


ENI - Debut in Research Prize

Premio Debutto nella Ricerca giovani ricercatori


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