List of Expired General News

Publish datesort ascending Campus
08/11/2016 <strong>Online the new website of Graduate Program in Physics</strong>
08/09/2016 Excellent position of the DF on Nature Index 2016
07/13/2016 Physical Review A: Entangling macroscopic diamonds at room temperature: Bounds on the continuous-spontaneous-localization parameters by Sebastiano Belli, Riccarda Bonsignori, Giuseppe D'Auria, Lorenzo Fant, Mirco Martini, and Simone Peirone of Department of Physics, University of Trieste and Sandro Donadi and Angelo Bassi, Department of Physics and INFN Trieste Section
07/13/2016 Review of "Path Integral for Pedestrians" by E. Gozzi, E. Cattaruzza and C. Pagani on CERN Courier
03/07/2016 The first beams of electrons and positrons of SuperKEKB
02/19/2016 A publication of the Department of Physics in Nature Communications
02/11/2016 International Masterclasses @ Trieste - February 19, 2016 Hands on Particle Physics
11/05/2015 In Memoriam - Mario Tosi
09/25/2015 Prof. Guido Barbiellini Amidei awarded with “il Sigillo d'Argento" of the Province of Trieste
04/08/2015 U-Multirank 2015: Trieste still among the top Italian universities Trieste still among the top Italian universities in the new European global university ranking, U-Multirank
03/23/2015 European Journal of Physics: Using graph theory for automated electric circuit solving
02/16/2015 COMPASS Experiment: a key measurement on the strong interaction Key measurement on the strong interaction
02/03/2015 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: The Thinnest Carpet on the Smallest Staircase: The Growth of Graphene on Rh(533) The international journal The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
02/03/2015 European Journal of Physics: Using a free software tool for the visualization of complicated electromagnetic fields The work done during a stage brings a student on the cover page of the European Journal of Physics
03/03/2014 NTV Ranking 2013 the ​​Physics area, at the 123rd place worldwide, and at the 6th place in Italy
03/03/2014 CHE Excellence Ranking 2010
10/23/2013 Planck switch off
10/22/2013 Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 François Englert and Peter W. Higgs