The first beams of electrons and positrons of SuperKEKB

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An important milestone has been reached in the construction of the new accelerator SuperKEKB in Tsukuba, Japan: the first beams of electrons and positrons were injected and circulated permanently. A group of researchers at the University of Trieste and INFN, Trieste Section, participates in collaboration with groups from Italy and other nations to the construction of sophisticated experimental apparatus Belle II, designed to investigate the asymmetry between matter and antimatter.

The first signs of the passage of the particles in the accelerator have been seen by a set of detectors, including diamond sensors developed in Trieste.

In the picture below, the view of the collision zone between the beams of electrons and positrons of SuperKEKB (Fall 2015). The beam line is now covered by a concrete shielding. In the background you can see the detector Belle II, under construction, and some visitors on the gallery upstairs.

Last update: 03-14-2016 - 10:12