Liquids and Colloids

Theoretical and computational research into various fields of liquid state physics, with a special interest for colloids.

  1. Studies of the correlations, and dynamic and thermodynamic properties of models for colloidal systems. This line of research has emerged from the extension of classical approaches to the theory of liquids (such as RHNC-type integral equations)  to include the short-range anisotropic interactions ( Kern and Frenkel model), and good agreement has been obtained with simulation data. Past (and possible future) collaborations with A. Giacometti (Padua), F. Lado (NC State University) and  F. Sciortino (Rome).
  2. Ab-initio (DFT) studies and modeling interactions with polarizable effetive potentials in molten salts and ionic liquids. Recent studies have looked at applications on halides of group 12 metals.
  3. Liquid-glass transition studied within the Random First Order Transition theories (collaboration with Jean-Marc Beaumont, Univ. Metz, e Jean Pierre Hansen, Univ. Jussieu, Paris).
  4. Simulation of polydisperse colloidal particle models using the swap Monte Carlo method (in collaboration with Ludovic Berthier in Montpellier)
Head of Research Group
Giorgio Pastore


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