Quantum Information and Open Systems

The research of my group regards the impact of the presence of a surrounding environment on typical quantum properties as coherence and entanglement, namely in open quantum systems.Of particular importance is the study of dissipative and noisy effects in many body quantum systems of Bosonic or Fermionic type as there the very notion of entanglement has to be ridscussed and reformulated. These investigations not only present a theoretical interest, but are also of practical relevance: indeed, the  experimental advances in controlling quantum systems have opened the way to the so-called quantum metrology whereby entanglement is a resource to achieve experimental accuracies otherwise impossible.

A second more personal and more abstarct research line regards the connections between dynamics an dentropy in quantum systems; in particular,the study of  the consequences of non-commutativity on classical indicators of stochasticity and complexity as the dynamical entropy of Kolmogorov and the algorithmic complexity of Kolmogorov, Solomonoff and Chaitin.

Head of Research Group
Fabio Benatti


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