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Within a few weeks, the University of Trieste has been internationally acknowledged for its successes, thanks to the research work of Prof. Angelo Bassi and his group, appearing on the cover of two of the most well-known popular science magazines: Scientific American and New Scientist.


The July issue of both magazines dedicated their cover stories to one of the most important open problems of quantum physics, the measurement problem. Prof. Bassi, together with his research group, is working namely on this problem, thanks to the international project TEQ, funded only a few months by the European Commission, and chaired by Bassi: why the macroscopic world we have before our very own eyes seems to elude the laws of quantum mechanics, that can perfectly and elegantly explain the behavior of the microscopic world?


“We know the microworld is quantum, and we know in one way or another, we are classical—whatever that means,” says Angelo Bassi.


Prof. Bassi, the only representative of an Italian University to be interviewed for these articles, is among the handful of scientists who work on this issue. The articles mention not only his work of the past few years that culminated in a publication on Physical Review Letters in 2017 but also and foremost the TEQ project that aims at establishing in the next 4 years the ultimate bounds to the validity of the quantum framework, if any.


Scientific American closes the article quoting Prof. Bassi: “Some people will tell you quantum mechanics has taught us that the world is strange, so we have to accept it,” Bassi says. “I would say no. If something is strange, then we have to understand better”.


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