Seminar: Italian Quantum Weeks 2022: Giovani Quantistici @Trieste - Dr. Oxana Mishina

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03/17/2022 - 16:00
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03/17/2022 - 18:00
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 Italian Quantum Weeks 2022: Giovani Quantistici @Trieste
Dr. Oxana Mishina

We are organizing a big outreach event in Italy: Italian Quantum Weeks. In Trieste there will be many activities too, and I want to invite you, students and young researchers, to contribute. The event will culminate on April 14th in the World Quantum Day (proclaimed last year), during which there will be a small worldwide boom of activities. Gradually more details will appear on the page of the Trieste program, which will have Quantum Aperitivo in the cafes of Trieste where researchers will speak with the public, Quantum game café, online national conferences for the general public and for schools, creativity contest "Quantum Suggestions" and more.
With your help, we would like to organize the Giovani Quantistici @Trieste initiative on April 6th - online. In short, the day will have two phases: initially, undergraduate students of the Physics department will tell their experience and what they have learned about quantum physics to high school students. Then, Ph.D. students and post-docs from the various institutes of Trieste will tell about their experience on quantum topics to university students (also belonging to other departments), without the presupposition of knowledge of quantum physics from the audience.

Come to learn more about the project! In this meeting we tell you about the initiative, discuss together how to organize it with your help.

Aula A, Department of Physics, Ed. F


Oxana Mishina, CNR-INO


The seminar will be streamed on Teams at this link

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