Seminar @ DF-AS - M. Hirschmann - The impact of energetic phenomena on the evolution of galaxies

A theoretical perspective
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06/08/2016 - 11:30
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06/08/2016 - 12:30
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We present new insights from advanced semi-analytic models (SAMs)
and modern cosmological simulations indicating a much
more complex interplay between different feedback processes
and galaxy evolution than traditionally anticipated. Both, SAMs
and large-scale simulations are successful in producing realistic
global galaxy populations e.g. capturing the observed anti-hierarchical
trend in galaxy growth. For that, stellar feedback can play an important
role for regulating the gas content in low-mass galaxies, particularly at
high redshifts. Employing advanced high-resolution zoom simulations,
we can confirm and extend previous results that different AGN feedback
mechanisms can strongly affect the kinematics, stellar content and
circum-galactic medium of massive galaxies, e.g. by driving strong
gaseous outflows and regulating their insitu star formation. But contrary
to the traditional picture, galactic winds from SN explosions and massive
stars are also crucial for the stellar mass assembly of massive galaxies,
not only significantly delaying early insitu star formation but also strongly
affecting the accreted stellar populations at large radii. Successes and
limitations of most recent models and perspectives for future
improvements will be given.

Villa Bazzoni

Gabriella De Lucia
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