Seminar @ DF-AS - C. Kobayashi - Cosmic chemical enrichment with AGN feedback

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05/13/2015 - 11:30
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05/13/2015 - 12:30
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I show chemical evolution of galaxies in our cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations with the feedback from active galactic nuclei (AGN). We have applied a new model for the formation of black holes motivated by the first star formation, in contrast to the merging scenario of previous works. The model parameters are determined from observational constraints, namely, the cosmic star formation rate history, black hole mass-galaxy mass relation, and the size-mass relation of galaxies. We then obtain better agreement with the observed down-sizing phenomena, namely, the colour-magnitude relation, specific star formation rates, and the alpha enhancement of early type galaxies. In massive galaxies, AGN-driven outflows transport metals into the circumgalactic medium and the intergalactic medium, which is important for a large-scale chemical enrichment in the Universe. Smaller galaxies can get external enrichment from nearby AGN depending on their environment. Nonetheless, these metallicity changes are negligible, and the mass-metallicity relations, which are mainly generated by supernova feedback at the first star burst, are preserved. The mass-metallicity relations evolve showing a steeper slope at higher redshifts. Within galaxies, stellar metallicity radial gradients evolve depending on the their merging histories, while gas-phase metallicity gradients are flattened by AGN feedback. It is possible to untangle the formation histories of galaxies from the observations of on-going spectral and IFU surveys.


Villa Bazzoni

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