Seminar@PhD Course in Nanotechnology - Wed 27 Jan 11am - L. Prodi - 'Dye Doped Silica Nanoparticles as Luminescent Organized Systems for Nanomedicine'

Building H3, third floor, room 3B
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Silica nanoparticles are versatile platforms with many intrinsic features, including a low toxicity. Proper design and derivatization yield particularly stable, very bright nanosystems displaying multiple functions, which can be used for either photoluminescence (PL) or electrochemiluminescence (ECL) sensing, labelling or imaging applications.  For these reasons silica nanoparticles already offer unique opportunities, and further improvement and optimization can substantially increase their applications in fields of high impact, such as medical diagnostics and therapy, environmental and food analysis, and security. This contribution will describe multi-component silica-core/PEG-shell nanoparticles (NPs), tailored for optimization of processes such as directional energy transfer, which provide those systems with extremely valuable functions: high light-harvesting capability, signal-to-noise maximization, multiplex output, signal amplification, also for in vivo imaging.

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