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Quantum café

Initiative conceived and developed by prof. Angelo Bassi

The Quantum Café is an interdisciplinary and inclusive activity, intended for the general public, that combines science, music and theater to enhance public participation in the scientific arena and offers food for thought on quantum mechanics. The Quantum Café will benefit from the participation of Trieste top theatre and music performers, besides academic elite. Many young people involved, with the participation of the students of the Music Conservatory G. Tartini of Trieste and those of the SISSA Master Course in Science Communication F. Prattico. Professors of the University of Trieste & INFN and Queen’s University Belfast will deliver scientific talks on quantum mechanics. The first evening of the Quantum Café is an official event of Barcolana 2018.

The Quantum Cafè is a science popularization, in the frame of his research project TEQ “Testing the Large Scale Limit of Quantum Mechanics”, that started in 2018 thanks to a sizeable H2020 grant. This initiative falls within the largest spectrum of scientific cafes of the University of Trieste for the fall 2018.

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