String Compactifications


The history of physics is a continuous tension towards unification with stunning examples as electromagnetism and quantum field theory (QFT) which incorporates special relativity and quantum mechanics. One of the latest achievements is String Theory, which is currently the leading candidates attempting to successfully merge the contrasting descriptions of the microscopic world, given by quantum mechanics, and the macroscopic realm, provided by the theory of general relativity.

Among many innovative aspects, string theory prescribes the existence of extra-dimensions, other than the usual four space-time dimensions we are accustomed to. The fact that we observe only the last ones is explained by assuming that the extra-dimensions live on a compact and small manifold.
For a macroscopic four-dimensional observer, these dimensions are invisible. However, the geometric properties of the compactification manifold determine the physics seen by a four-dimensional observer.
It is then very important to have control on the geometry of the extra-dimension, develop tools to approach it and extract the relevant physical informations.

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