Summer schools


Introductory course on ultracold quantum gases

10 – 12 July 2023 Innsbruck


We offer a three-day introductory course on ultracold quantum gases. Our main target group includes students just finishing with their bachelor degree and master students. First-year PhD students who recently joined the field may also benefit from the course. Specialized knowledge in the field is not required, just basic knowledge in quantum physics and AMO physics.

The course will take place from 10 – 12 July 2023 in Innsbruck, jointly organized by the Center for Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases of the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI). We will start with an informal get-together on 09th of July (arrival day) in the late afternoon.

Please bring this announcement to the attention of interested students. Besides students from Innsbruck, we will be able to support about 40 external participants, including accommodation and - if necessary - travel costs up to 200 Euro per participant (depending on the travel distance).

The applicants are asked to register at and arrange for a recommendation letter from the supervisor, which we will need by the application deadline of 15th of May. The recommendation letter can just be a short e-mail message from the supervisor. We will notify the applicant about acceptance by 20th of May.

More detailed information on the course, including a tentative program and the registration form can be found at our website


Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Quantum-NEST School

ICTP, Trieste 9-12 May, 2023


The goal of the Quantum-NEST School (Quantum Network for Education and Scientific Training) is to provide an overview of the most recent and exciting evolutions in the quantum science and technology field, and on its most exciting developments. The school offers lectures of high-profile academic scholars and industrial entrepreneurs in the field of quantum technology: this will provide the students with a clear vision of the main topics and challenges in the field, in order to facilitate the specific choice of their master thesis. It will be organized in collaboration with the associated partners, exploiting their excellent infrastructures and experience. It will be also a precious networking opportunity to meet established people in the field. It is primarily aimed at Master and PhD students.

UCL Summer School


The module in its scope, aims to offer exposure to the fundamental principles of special and general relativity and their significance to the evolution of the Cosmos. Topics such as stellar interiors, classification and evolution along with galaxy dynamics will be discussed in some detail. The module will culminate with descriptions of current cosmological models and touch up on recent developments of the much discussed dark matter and dark energy mysteries and what they entail to the evolution of the Universe.

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