Fields, Strings and Particles

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At the Department of Physics there has always been research into field theory, initiated first by Giuseppe Furlan and his collaborators S.Fubini and V.De Alfaro.

The present activity focuses more on the geometrical aspects of field theory. In particular, work is being done by Paolo Furlan (now retired but on a research contract) on the mathematical aspects of conformal field theory and the Wess-Zumino-Witten models; Ennio Gozzi is doing research into Feynman diagrammatics as applied to classical field theory.

In the area of string theory and non-commutative geometry, a great deal of work is being done by Euro Spallucci, especially on the concept of "minimal length" in space-time. This is an "old" idea  in modern theoretical physics, first proposed by Snyder in 1947, who realized that in order not to contradict Lorentz's invariance, the fabric of space-time must be made up of non-commuting coordinates. There has been renewed interest in non-commutative geometry recently with the discovery that this kind of geometry is induced on a D-brane by the dynamics of an open string (Seiberg and Witten, 1999).

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Gravity and Strings
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