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There is a worldwide shortage of clinical medical physics professionals and medical physics academics. The safe and effective implementation of technology in Imaging Medical Physics, Therapeutic Medical Physics and Medical Radiation Dosimetry requires oversight and support from expert medical physicists. Medical physics was classified as a Profession by the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2011.

Prior to embarking on a clinical training programme, the resident medical physicist requires appropriate post-graduate academic education, to provide the background knowledge to support the acquisition of skills and competences implicit in a hospital-based clinical residency.

On this basis, the joint University-ICTP Master Course will have the following structure:

  • a first year at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), based on a postgraduate programme in Medical Physics, including appropriate academic courses in Medical Physics;
  • a second year of clinical training (residency)

The Master of Advanced Studies in Medical Physics has obtained the accreditation by the IOMP (International Organization of Medical Physics).

The present Master Course does not prepare Medical Physicists for the Italian hospitals, because in Italy a 3-year post-graduate course in "Fisica Sanitaria" is required.


Board of the Master:

* Renata Longo, University of Trieste, Director of the Master

* Renato Padovani, ICTP, Coordinator of the Master

* Luciano Bertocchi, ICTP

* Mario De Denaro, University Hospital of Trieste

* Edoardo Milotti, University of Trieste

* Luigi Rigon, University of Trieste


External Scientific Advisors:

* Slavic Tabakov
King’s College London (UK)
President IOMP (International Organization for Medical Physics)

* Ahmed Meghzifene
IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Vienna (Austria)



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