Chemical and Photometric Evolution of Galaxies

The chemical and photometric evolution of galaxies studies the development of chemical abundances and the content of bright galaxies as a function of cosmic time. Our research group has developed detailed models of the evolution of 37 chemical species (H, D, He, C, N, O, alpha elements, Fe peak elements Fe and elements of the s-and r), currently the most advanced in the scientific literature.

These models make it possible to study galactic astroarchaeology, namely to reconstruct the star formation history of galaxies with differing morphologies, and to explain the distribution of chemical elements in stars and in interstellar and intergalactic gas. Spectro-photometric models of evolution, on the other hand, serve to reconstruct the evolution history of galaxy luminosity in various photometric bands.

Head of Research Group
Maria Francesca Matteucci


Last update: 05-10-2024 - 07:48