Health & Safety

Together with the university's Health & Safety Service, the Department evaluates health hazards and prepares emergency plans. Everyone frequenting the various sites of the Department should be familiar with the evacuation maps, with the possible presence of specific hazards, with how to call the emergency services, and with who to contact for on-site emergency management.

In an emergency:

Keep calm and use any university telephone to dial extension number 3053 (always active 24/7), or call 040-558-3053 from your cell phone: the emergency manager on call will contact the appropriate emergency response teams and safety experts.

Direct calls to the following public emergency numbers should be limited to life-threatening events:

Phone #
118First Aid
115Fire Brigade
040.422222Traffic Police
02.66101029Poison First Aid


Contact Person
Local Contacts
Via Valerio
Piero CilibertiBuilding FEmergency Plan
Alessandra Richetti PincinICTP-MiramareEmergency Plan
Via Tiepolo
 Astronomianot available
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